Connect the Dots.

Within yourself and in the World.

Do you feel a spark in you tell you it's time for you to make a bigger impact in the world? Let's listen to that voice together in a safe, courageous space.

Through my coaching, people who feel that spark get strong in their leadership through self awareness and connection with others and bring their vision to reality. 

I invite you to a deeper coaching conversation in which we can explore your goals and aspirations and you can experience coaching with me. ~ Maria.


Client Testimonials

What My Clients Are Saying


I'm the owner and CEO of a highly-specialized consulting firm, managing several high-profile clients and a team of consultants. Before I started working with Maria, I was burnt-out from building my business, managing my team, and responding to the daily stress of an entrepreneur's endless to-do list. I was tired, stressed, and couldn't see a way out of my situation.

I started working with Maria in January of 2020, and 6 months later, I feel like a new person. My business is thriving in a way I never thought possible. She helped me improve my management skills, which significantly improved my relationship with my employees, as well as their productivity and satisfaction with their work. She helped me develop my business in a way that's consistent with my values and long-term goals. I went from being on the brink of shutting down my business for good, to being excited and passionate about my work and my business' future. I cannot thank or recommend Maria enough!

CEO, highly-specialized Consulting Firm

Working with Maria I increased my leadership capacity by focusing on growing my inner awareness and my capacity to make decisions. I feel like inner awareness makes it more comfortable to not have clear answers and still remain in my leadership.
This is true from policies on entering our building right now to leading individuals in their own professional growth.
Inner awareness means I’m comfortable when people disagree with me and can both evaluate and then either bend or stand firm without self-doubt or defensiveness. Inner awareness is leadership with less ego messiness and more fearless expression of self.

Managing Director, Social Innovation Strategy Consulting Firm

You’re helping me articulate where I am in my professional and personal life now, what I can do to be my best self, and helping me stay accountable to taking those incremental steps to get there. It's not often we're given the opportunity to stop everything going on in our lives and probe deeper into our own value, meaning, and purpose, into what makes us human and what makes us feel alive. It's started changing how I think, from "what am I doing wrong" to "what can I do to make this better". Especially with better understanding my inner critic and inner wisdom, I can better see and handle the times I'm under more stress and feel overall more balanced about how I approach unknowns or tougher situations.

Product marketing manager, Microsoft

Maria approaches each coaching session with curiosity and empathy, exploring with me the parts I want to transform, encouraging me to be my best self and challenging me to overcome my limiting beliefs, then celebrating with me when I do.
While I tend to focus on what I need to do, Maria consistently helped me reframe that into who I need to be, making it clear that the version of me is already present and available, it just needs to be welcomed into the light of day.
Early in our coaching sessions, I felt like I was accumulating a burdensome mountain of challenges that Maria posed. But when I pushed back, we recalibrated what I should expect of myself. Then I was able to start overcoming my limiting beliefs and complete experiments to discover what was possible.
Through Maria’s coaching, I found a thin veil between me and the unknown before me. Rather than be frozen by the fear of that unknown, I merely need to take minor steps in that direction, enough to just pierce that veil. Then the veil vanishes and that unknown darkness is flooded with light. I was just afraid of the dark.
Now, with Maria’s help, I have begun a voyage of discovery, exploring a future that I had only imagined. I’m finding that I am far more capable than I had believed.

Engineer at Google and new entrepreneur

“Maria's coaching helped me to develop a sense of myself, my purpose, and made me feel more grounded during a challenging time in my life. She encouraged me to think about a vision for the future when I was finding it difficult to even have a vision for the next week. I am so glad I trusted Maria's expertise and intuition! I never guessed that having a plan for 10 years in the future would actually help me find ease in making day to day decisions. 

Once I was able to hold an image in my mind of what really mattered to me, I could let go of all the little things along the way that were really insignificant. This created so much space in my life to really enjoy what was right in front of me. This made the process of growing and improving myself into one of excitement and curiosity as opposed to anxiety and guilt.  I also appreciated how responsive Maria was to create a coaching environment that was tailored to my style and needs. I would recommend working with Maria no matter what your goals she is flexible and adaptable and can support you on your journey, wherever you may wish to go. ”

 Emerging leader in education, New parent

 I couldn’t have done it without your amazing coaching. You encourage me and offered advice on confidence and ultimately helped me feel that I was very capable of the job I was applying for. Your feedback on my resume and cover letter was also incredibly helpful. I believe you really made all the difference in guiding me through the process.

Healthcare professional who moved into a leadership role

I will be forever grateful for this Connect the Dots coaching experience. I see Maria as a partner in my life and an insightful provocateur. Over the six months working together, my sense of purpose in life has simplified. I’m now clear about what that is, and that as long as I am being with others while coming from this place, I will have a powerful and purposeful impact. Other great results include colleagues reflecting that I brought mature and thoughtful perspective through a time of uncomfortable change at work. This was a direct Maria coaching influence – much improvement from the feelings of frustration I started with.
An important accomplishment resulting from the coaching is carrying out a life dream. With Maria’s support, I took action on my dream and carried it out in a way I feel great about – deeper, better, and sooner than I would have done alone. Thank you so much, Maria. I am so happy, grateful for, and proud of my increased confidence in this area and putting my most important work into action – and the professional experience that came from it. Maria’s work could benefit anyone. I’m excited for the chance to work with such a talented, heart-led professional again in the future.

Program Leader, Healthcare Organization

My Story

Leader of my own destiny. Compassionate, authentic coach.

Hello there! I am Maria Gerea. I have been on the journey of reinvention my whole life.
From the young timid lawyer who stepped off a plane from Romania to Seattle in 2000 to MBA graduate at University of Washington and on to successful product marketing leader and consultant in healthcare and tech companies, to mother and Organizational Development consultant and coach at Seattle Children's, I've struggled through and at the same time savored change. I have seen it as my creative journey. Working to better understand myself and my inner world was the fuel that helped me move to a fuller expression of my leadership. Mentors, counselors and coaches helped me along the way. The Co-Active Coaching model I am trained in has truly had the biggest, fastest impact in my transformation - helping me step into my ultimate calling as a leader and social entrepreneur.
I want to use it in turn, to inspire you to step boldly into becoming the architect of your own journey.


What we will be working on

Leadership from within.


Listen deeply. Create. Repeat.

Here are some of my basic beliefs when it comes to life. It is my deep belief that we have all the answers within us - who we are and what we are here to do. My role as a coach is to model and inspire and challenge you to listen deeply to your Inner Voice as well as to the World around you - to Connect the Dots. Only this way will you be able to craft an authentic professional and personal path and feel truly alive. My approach to coaching is the Co-Active model, developed by the Coaching Training Institute - they set the standards for the field of coaching! My passion is to work with new and emerging leaders and teams who yearn to make a positive impact in this World.

Life long learning

Sustaining creative change.

I believe that change is constant throughout life. While some fundamentals are the same, we change, our needs change, our World changes and therefore we constantly create new ways of self-expression. When we are intentional, our most authentic selves reveal themselves into the World. My coaching approach is meant to teach you how to fish. Once you've done it a few times - once you get the "process", once you know how to access your deep inner world, once you are comfortable with taking risks because you know it's worth it, you will be able to do more self-coaching. That's what we're aiming for: you becoming a more self-sufficient creator of your authentic life.

A Creative journey

Create an authentic life.

I believe that it is our nature to be creative - think about the playfulness of childhood to access your inner creative energy. It will serve us well in our work together. What life gives us is the "raw material". We are the sculptors who can make intentional choices to create our ultimate master piece - an authentic life.


What inspires me these days...

Carl Jung

"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."


Want to learn more ?

Contact me today with questions or feedback. Better yet, let's have a powerful coaching conversation - my gift to you!